Monthly Archives: September 2011

The deal

    When I first thought about writing a blog, I thought it would be about life after the nest, but empty-    nesting is just another life transition. One of many we make over our lifetimes so I don’t want to limit this  blog or my life by that.

   The bigger picture is that I’m part of an exclusive — though very large — club called the “Baby    Boomers.”

   It’s great being in a group with that kind of influence. Boomers are trendsetters, market movers, and  money makers, but we’re also something else — great teachers.

   Sorry kids — It’s closed to new members, but don’t worry, your generation will be influential too.

  My 93+ year old father-in-law has greatly enriched my life. He’s not a “boomer” either, but he helped  start the “boomer” generation. He’s also a great historian who had “boots on the ground” in World War  II, during the “Great Depression,” and in the rich soil of Midwest farm life.

   Over the years, I’ve enjoyed listening to the many stories of his life, but what I appreciate most is how    he’s taught me to care for a spouse in sickness and in health; how lonely life can be when you start losing                                                             friends and loved ones; and how to enjoy spending time with a loved one as they get on in years.

I don’t know how much of a historian or teacher I’ll ever be, but I’m willing to share my everyday experiences on life as a Boomer.

Midwestern Boomer