The real bully is Satan

Ever feel attacked or persecuted when you’ve shared your opposing views on the LGBT movement?

I know I have. I’ve been called a homophobe, an ignorant person, and a radical. It’s hurtful to be bashed and made fun of, but I understand it’s because I’m close to exposing the lie. I realize it’s “real” people who are on the receiving end of the truth I speak, and they are the ones who end up feeling like hot coals have seared their skin. But, most of them are so enslaved to the lie, their very lives depend upon it so they respond with viciousness.

This should be a clue to anyone who doesn’t believe that Satan is alive and well on earth. The bigger the stink, the bigger the cover up.

For more information, please watch: Satan (Baphomet) – The Transgender God – New Age Religion

Let me say this straight up. I’ve had gay family members, gay friendships and for years, even had a mentor who just happened to be gay. I’m not a homophobe. I’m really not, but there is a disturbing trend right now towards bullying, persecution, and attack on this issue no matter which side you’re on.

This should also be a clue that Satan’s alive and well on earth. Afterall, he is the author of confusion, division, distraction.

I don’t know why God has impressed upon me the truth of this issue, but I want to share something that noted author Dan Allender said in his book Wounded Heart. Satan hates male and female distinctions because they are made in God’s likeness. God uniquely created each person and had no confusion when He made each one of us. Satan cannot create anything except confusion, so he will twist God’s creation to the point of homogeny, and corrupt God’s beauty and design for all mankind.

If people say that the bible is fiction, a fairy tale or old-fashioned, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t the truth.

Because the Civil War happened so long ago in the 18th century, could it mean that it could be fiction, a fairy tale or just plain old-fashioned too? There’s no one alive today to confirm what happened, we have to have faith that the people who wrote the history of this event were giving a true account of events as they unfolded.

The same is true of the bible. We have to have faith that the authors were writing a true account of all they saw.

We can have healthy debate over some of the questionable events all
throughout biblical and all other history, but when people become vicious and seek to discredit others because of it, this should be a signal that there’s something else at play.

Satan will use any tactic to keep his slaves from knowing the truth. The bigger the lie, the bigger the attack.

The evil one’s the real bully. Don’t ever forget it!

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Eph. 6:12


2 responses to “The real bully is Satan

  • NotAScientist

    You might better understand your fellow humans if you don’t base their actions on fictional supervillains.

    • Beth Schweitz

      I appreciate your comment. Evil is like a super villian, just like God is superman. I base human behavior on a response to either their belief in a false (self-centered) identity or a true (God-centered) identity. Whatever people believe about themselves determines the way they think, respond and actions.

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