The will of God (over mine)

Have you ever asked God, no pleaded with God, for His hand in a situation and then you’ve taken charge with an action you thought God would want in the situation only to have it blow up in your face worse than before?

Oh man. I have. Not once, or even twice. Many, many times I’ve asked God to step into a situation that’s bugging me, or I’m concerned about, and I pray fervently that His will be done.

Depending on the situation I’ve given over, I’d say on average, I’ll wait, oh, ten hours (or less) and think of something I could do in the situation that I think would please God and return a good result (my expectation).

Talk about failure and usually a big, hairy mess.

Then I have to talk to God again and repent that I circumvented His will and asserted mine, and now I really, really need His help.

Why do we think we know God’s will in our problems, situations, concerns?

We aren’t God. We don’t even have half the information that He has about our situations, yet when we don’t see Him working (doing our will), we assume that means we’ve got to handle this one on our own.

Is it really that hard to wait for the answer? Is it that we think a non-action answer isn’t an answer? Or, do we have a problem with the way God answers our prayers?

For me, it’s the latter. I’m a planner. I plan so I can expect a certain outcome. I assume that God’s plan over a situation is something that I will agree with and will profit me (make me happy) too, but very often, His answers contradict my will (my expectations).

Again, He’s got quite a bit more info on the situation than I’ll ever have this side of heaven so really, His will, even if it means I wait and do nothing, is really His will.

I heard a sermon recently on Joshua and the battle of Jericho. Joshua chapters 6 and 7.

God gave Joshua such a tremendous victory over Jericho that Joshua, instead of waiting for God to tell him where to go next, he sent an army to takeover A’I and his men got whupped, bigtime.

Joshua ran to the Lord crying out, but the Lord said in chapter 7:13, “… There is an accursed thing in the midst of thee, O Israel: thou canst not stand before thine enemies, until ye take away the accursed thing from among you.”

God had a bit more information than Joshua did. He knew Achan had taken something from the town of Jericho and it angered God.

This is something God’s laid on my heart.

Starting today, I’m going to wait on the Lord. I realize this is a process. I’m sure I will fail at this many times before I can say with any assurance that I am living by faith alone. But that’s the reason God made His grace available to us. He knows us. He’s got ALL the info on each one us.

Thank you God, that I am saved by my belief that the blood of your son Jesus covers my sins.


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