The traitor

I’ve been mulling over the story of Achan in Joshua 7. For a bit of background, the sixth chapter of Joshua describes the battle of Jericho. God commanded that all the people (women and children included) of Jericho be killed save for Rahab and her family, and that the spoils of the city be given unto Him and that anyone who kept something for themselves would be cursed.

One of Joshua’s soldiers, Achan, took 200 shekels and a beautiful robe and hid them in his tent. God knew of this deception and asked Joshua to confront each tribe leader about the missing booty.

When asked, Achan owned up to the thievery then he and his tribe were pillaged, stoned and burned.

My first thought was that I was glad I wasn’t living during that time in history. But thinking beyond that, I am reminded that today, we serve that SAME God. The bible is full of stories of God’s vengeance He metes out quickly and suredly on those who opposed and disobeyed Him.

He is a jealous God. He commands obedience, devotion and praise. When we act outside His will (our disobedience, distractions, worship of earthly things-toys) he doesn’t strike us dead as He did Achan and his family. THANK YOU LORD!

God knows us. He knows we are incapable of being perfect like Him. We are human, therefore we sin.

But perfect, holy God still wants a relationship with us, though He cannot stand the sin. He cannot look at it, ignore it, or pretend it isn’t there.

So why do we ignore our own sin or try to pretend it isn’t there, or minimize it somehow? Just like with Achan, God knows when we’ve been deceptive. He still demands a blood payment for disobedience. In the bible, it was the traitor’s blood and his family’s.

But thanks be to Jesus who was sacrificed in our place for our sin — our disobedience. His blood was the payment for our sin.

That is a pretty weighty act when you stop to think about it.

Many people, myself included, don’t often ponder the gravity of our sin or the grace God extends us through His son’s blood. Any sin, big or small, hidden or out in the open, can be washed by Jesus’ blood. God made that sacrifice for us because He wants a relationship with us.

Today I want to understand the price of sin more fully and revel in God’s grace over me.


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