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The SONshine


Pumping Sunshine

When a pastor makes “I Declare” statements in relation to our future, or uses the phrase “Holistic Prosperity,” and/or claims that God wants to “Supersize You” – Run. Not slowly, but very, very quickly away from this heresy.

I know it makes for warm and fuzzy, feel good sensation, but that is NOT the gospel.

Gospels that preach the message above are preaching a different gospel. One in which we are warned about numerous times in the bible. 2 Cor 11:4 and Gal 1:7 are just two examples.

God does NOT promise to prosper us as some pastors promote by the use of Jer. 29:11. In this passage, God is talking to Israel because they are captive and He is letting them know that He has plans for them. The NT, Matt 28:16-20, Mk 16:15, 1 Cor 15:1-4, Acts 10:42, just to name a few, gives very clear instruction to current day believers about our role on earth. There’s no promise of being prospered, and in fact, we are warned that the world will hate us Matt 10:22, John 15:18 and that we would be persecuted and in some cases, even killed for our faith.

Our future IS in His hands, and we have eternal life through the death of God’s son, Jesus Christ. His death paid for our sins. (Romans 6:23) But it doesn’t mean our circumstances on earth will change. It DOES mean we know what our future will be.

Now that is pumping SONshine.