When I first thought about writing a  blog, I thought it would be about life  after the nest, but empty- nesting is just  another life transition. One of many we  make over our lifetimes so I don’t want  to limit this  blog or my life by that.

   I’m also part of an  exclusive — though very large — club  called the “Baby Boomers.” It’s great being in a group with that  kind of influence. Boomers are  trendsetters, market movers, and  money makers, but we’re also something else — great teachers.

   The more time I have on the other side of parenting, my life is changing in a way I never expected. For once, I can listen to the voice of God without trying to compartmentalize him into my busy schedule. I am free to explore new opportunities for growth and really trust God to use me for His kingdom Glory.

In this stage of life, I have value as a human being and a Christian. Through Jesus death on the cross, I am free to live for Him. I can share my faith and God’s truth boldly to influence, encourage, and lead others to the cross so they can experience the glories of true freedom from sin, and the happiness and joy that comes from serving a Mighty God.

Romans 6:18 says “Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.”
Thank you, Jesus!


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